The Advocate Published "Two Worlds"

So I'm incredibly excited right now. The photo essay that I did this summer titled "Two Worlds" was published on The Advocate's website this morning!  

I'd been wanting to see if anyone was interested in picking up the photo essay for a while now, mostly because it's probably most cohesive and narrative set of photographs that I've taken at this point. 

I contacted a local media outlet in my college, The Hub, and they said they would be glad to publish it, so I thought, "Awesome - I'm glad I'm getting my stuff out there."

But then I started to think a little bit. What if I went bigger? What if I contacted a publication that has a large readership, and is relevant to the topic of my essay? So I started to search around for publications that I thought might be interested in my essay, and I came across OUT magazine and The Advocate, which, according to one database, are the most read LGBTQ magazines.

I contacted OUT, but did not get a response, I think partly because I don't think they publish out-of-the-blue freelance work. However, The Advocate had the option of sending in a submission for either a written editorial or some other piece of media that might be interesting for the website.

After I sent the email and didn't get a response after a day or two, I just figured that my email was either skimmed over and they weren't interested, or it had just gotten lost in the many emails that their staff, presumably, gets every day.

But yesterday, I did get an email from the online media manager of the magazine, and he said that they thought the story was very interesting, and that they'd love to post in on the website. Well, that just made my week.

So I guess the moral of the story here is that when it comes to pursuing your next project or your next client, the worst thing they can do is reject you or not respond to you. As far as I know, a photographer's reputation isn't hurt by dreaming big and pursuing greater jobs, but it can be stunted by the fear of the (to be honest, inevitable) rejection that comes from having those greater aspirations.