The Beginning of Classes and Football!

Howdy everyone, 

Whelp, school has started up again. The campus is now crowded again with students, and I must now hone my bicycling skills that I neglected for three months. I rode my bicycle to work/class this morning and I literally almost died. Well, not LITERALLY, but still....literally (

Other than the start of classes, however, I am excited to say that I have also been chosen to photograph the both the fans and the action at Texas Tech football games this semester. 

In 2011, my first semester at Texas Tech, I did pretty much the same thing. I went around asking tailgaters and students if they would like their picture taken for the TTU Athletic Department's Facebook page. But when I had that duty, it was more of an unpaid internship, and I didn't get to photograph any action on the field. 

It was a lot of fun, but I was still left in wanting of a schwanky, laminated press pass, so I could really get some dramatic shots of tackles and passes, etc., on the field.

Well, I am hoping that this is my chance. I will be photographing fans in the stands as well as fans on the field. It's going to be crazy, and I'll probably be dead (this time figuratively) by the time the game is finished and the fans have left, but nevertheless, I am incredibly excited.

All of this may seem boring to those who either don't live in Lubbock or go to the games, but for those who do look out for me at the next home game! Wreck 'Em Tech!