Drag Queens and Choir Leaders

So I am currently taking a documentary photography class in the College of Media and Communication at Texas Tech University.

As a part of the class, we are charged with finding a relevant social issue in the area that we can research and turn into an impactful photo essay.

While there are several obvious issues in town that are very visual and important (such as the Tent City for the homeless, and the stray animal problem in town), I decided to document something a little less sombre since I knew those other issues were going to be covered by at least one other person in class.

There are two gay nightclubs in town, Club Luxor and Heaven. Both host their own array of festivities and parties, but a big part of both is the drag queen scene. I have photographed the Texas Tech drag show for the past two years, and as a result I do know have connections.

However, the person who I chose to photograph isn't only a drag queen. He is also involved heavily in a local church in town, the Metropolitan Community Church. He is a musician so he does a lot with the music in the church, and because the church does not currently have a preacher, he sometimes gives sermons.

I found this dynamic to be very interesting, especially in an area like Lubbock, Texas. There is some truth to the stereotype that Texas is very conservative, traditional, and homophobic, so I wanted to document a side of town that many people may not know about or understand.

Currently, the project is in the finishing stages of editing and getting adding the cutlines to the photographs. Even though it has been slightly rushed because of the quickly approaching deadline, I think I've gotten some nice images that tell a complete story.

But in the mean time, here is an image that I thought was just awesome. It has so much personality.