Say hey for a new blog and a new website!

Yeehaw. This will be my fourth site redesign starting with my very basic and rather sad little site that I created from scratch in Dreamweaver using HTML and Java.  

 I was so excited back then. I studied and refreshed my basic HTML skills. I learned enough Java to be able to create galleries for my photos.

BOOM....I got smashed over the head with the hurdle of browser compatibility. Sure, my site looked great in Google Chrome, but bring it into Internet Explorer or Firefox, and it was like the browser tried dividing by zero. It was a disaster. 

Then I juggled between various Flash/HTML 5 providers for a while. Nothing really suited my needs. The host that came closest was Livebooks, but in order to get my site looking and acting exactly how I wanted it to, it would require a costly investment, and even then nothing is guaranteed - not to mention Livebooks has made some shady business decisions and they're customer support is less than adequate.

And so here I am. Hopefully I will be able to host my site here for the long term, I'm sure tired of re-uploading my photos on to new host servers every 6 months, haha. :)