Merry Channukwanzaa!

It's 7 p.m. here on my dad's ranch, and I do have to say that it was a pretty good Christmas day. Between a nice mid-day feast and watching A Christmas Story for the 50th wonderful time, the only thing I really would have changed is that I wish my brother and sister could have made it. But knowing that they would have come out if they didn't have work and transportation issues is enough of a consolation. Since I have a place to come home to during the holiday season, I don't have much reason to complain.

And I hope everyone else has friends or family to celebrate the holidays with as well. Merry Channukwanzaa. 

Oh, and since I'm a photographer, I guess it would seem kind of odd to have a blog post without any images, so here's a photo of my dad's dog, Sadie, chilling in front of the Christmas tree after lunch. The feeling is mutual, Sadie. :)