Dogs of Flint - Roger Schaefer and Sieg

I have started working on a project that has been bouncing around in my head for the past few weeks. As some of you might know, Lubbock does not have a dog park, so the closest thing we have is Tech Terrace Park. And it's kind of neat how there is a kind of spontaneous community built around people and their dogs at the park. 

So I thought it would be fun to go out and photograph people with their dogs and then ask them a few questions about their companions. There isn't really much of an overarching concept, although depending on the person's perception, one might be implied. It's not my place to tell you what to think.

However, my original purpose was to give some lighthearted stories about the people in the friendly, transient community at Tech Terrace Park (while also giving them some nice "family" portraits, ha).

As the project progresses, I will try to keep it updated with on my blog as well as in a gallery, so that everyone will be able to view the photos and read the stories.

*I wrote it in a kind of AP style/informal hybrid format, because I want to present the information well, but I also want it to feel somewhat personal. Please tell me if it reads weird or if you think it would be written in a better way.*

So without further ado:

Roger Schaefer, retired Texas Tech political science and professor, and his miniature pinscher, Sieg. 

Schaefer and Sieg met about three years ago when Sieg was approximately one year old.

"He wandered into my garage one day skinny as all get out," Schaefer said, "and I fed him, and we've just bonded like crazy." 

Aside from coming to Tech Terrace Park, one of Sieg's favorite pastimes is chasing rabbits at The Ralls Course.

"We walk about five or six holes; he walks about ten or twelve by the time it's all done," Schaefer said. "I just stay in the car, but he just loves it every day." 

Roger Schaefer concluded, saying that, although he wishes Tech Terrace was a dog park, he thinks it's a wonderful park all the same.