Snow Day In the Hub!

Since the weather is so unpredictable in Lubbock and it may not snow for another year (or two or ten...), I just had to get at least a few photos in the winter wonderland. So I called up my friend Ashlyn and we braved the sub-40 degree weather (LIKE A BOSS[ES]). 

We saw such sights as a mother watching her 6-year-old daughter sled repeatedly into a fence from the warmth of her car, and a car with pimpdaddy rims that just kind of sat and watched us take photos for, like, an hour with his window rolled down. We think he was waiting for drugs...probably...

And we also took a 20 minute detour, because we're both landmark navigators and the snow short-circuited that very elementary method of direction. 

In other words, snow in west Texas seems to make every moment infinitely more interesting than otherwise. And we got some really great photos as well, so it was a win-win!